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2008-11-05 17:48:25 by AndreaDigita


Okay so think its time to make a new post :P

My previews post almost had 100 comments lool XD

Okay so first of all I want to thank from the deep of my heart all of my friends, fans, voters, reviewers and artists that have supported me soooooo much <3 I LOVE YOU ALL
Seriously, I cant believe I already have more than a hundred users that have added me as their favorite artist, its a huge honor to let me be part of your lives ^^

Thank you for listening to my music! :D

So on another note, I decided to type my user name on YouTube yesterday, just for fun, and I found many cool videos featuring my music! So I decided to play the best videos here to thank this people for helping me spread my name, so here they are, give them some love ;D

Enjoy P:

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2008-11-05 18:13:17

Does Runescape really still exist? lol

Congrats on your portal success!! (:

I wish people like live instruments the same though, maybe I could have a shot at fame D:

AndreaDigita responds:

Hahaha Im sure ppl love live instruments too! Its just they havent discovered you ; )


2008-11-05 18:13:50

ah mah gawd first comment.

(ur m00sic i5 teh sexzz)

AndreaDigita responds:



2008-11-05 20:16:16

Heres the tihng. I'd say, "I love you too!" But, I have a girlfriend that I love so very much. ^//////^ If you wanna know her, just read my profile.

AndreaDigita responds:

K! Haha np ^.~


2008-11-05 20:21:32

OH NOES! YOU'RE TOO FAMOUS FOR NEWGROUNDS NOW. :'( Anyways, cool vids and nice music, too.

The guy above me seems like a total freak, by the way.

AndreaDigita responds:

XD naaa haha we were just kidding ;P



2008-11-05 20:24:26

*to the guy above this comment* Why is loving a girlfriend freaky to you? O.o

AndreaDigita responds:



2008-11-05 20:54:18

So, what else do you plan on submiting to the Audio portal?

AndreaDigita responds:

Idk yet I just have sooo many requests for videogames and remixes and just NOT ENOUGH TIME >:O


2008-11-06 04:26:22


AndreaDigita responds:



2008-11-07 01:17:54

looks like your the techy craze of today!

AndreaDigita responds:

YAY!!! P:


2008-11-07 10:10:29

lol, ppl R freakin'out of your music :P

btw your cookies were delicious :P
(i'm sure ppl don't understand what i'm talking 'bout but whatevah :P)

AndreaDigita responds:

Yeah..lolz XD


2008-11-07 15:51:57

wazzap i like YoUtUbE to its my 2 second fav wed portal and shits like that any way how your music doing??

(Updated ) AndreaDigita responds:

Not so good ^^' I dont have much time to be on the computer nao P;

School times :(


2008-11-09 13:28:02

You got my Bleach video i made.
ahah sweet.
thanks for the Favorite, yeah the song i did was tricky but made it work.

AndreaDigita responds:

Good job! I loved how you made the music fit perfectly with the scenes ^.~


2008-11-10 20:23:46

School does suk. I wish i have FL. I might get version eight! the suky part about that is that there are 4 versions XD! anyways, hav any ideas of songs come to you? i know you don't hav time, but i'd figure ur doing a little a day, rite? im srry for asking all the ques. like a detective lol, but i wanna know what version of FL do u hav and which edition? anyways keep up the good work.
(srry, about a comment that has nothing to do with youtube, but nice videos!)

AndreaDigita responds:

Its FL Studio 8 Producer Edition ^^

And sadly, nope, I havent made anything new since Silver Rose XD But as soon as I finish my final exams my spark will return ^.~


2008-11-10 20:33:33

"Crashes into the blog in an epic manner and collapses with a telegram held out to Andrea" You tube is conquered...but I have recieved grievious wound in spreading your name around the site...I leave the rest to you!!...*Dies*


AndreaDigita responds:

Hahaha Vashie :P


2008-11-17 07:18:23

Wassup? :D
It's been quite a while. Missed ya. *hugs*
Also, I have a new post, and it's about one of your favorite things. MUSIC! ^-^


2008-11-18 15:53:23

Hi! Congrats 4 bein so awesome! Left a post a Silver Rose, hope U like it!
But now I'm wonderin' where U from... Holland I hope, that's where I come from. :P Afraid Ur goin to dissapoint me at that... :P
Ah, whatever!
Also, I'm workin on a flash movie but ain't goin anywhere, any help? visit ma account for further information!
See Ya!


2008-11-23 18:01:07

you got a boyfriend? Lol, just wondering


2008-11-30 05:39:15

No matter i am a die hard fan of your work good job


2008-12-01 14:15:33

Hey, long time no see :)


2008-12-03 11:22:29

Surely, If I would give something to ya now is would be a rose, a silver rose XD


2008-12-04 20:07:35

Hey thanks for using my video! i love the promotions!

can you sing? i would love to hear a song that you sing in!

maybe ill use it in my next amv.if you do sing a song give me the link to the song so i can DL it and use it in one of my AMVs im tired of making death metal AMVs lol.


2008-12-12 15:36:18

i h8 u

AndreaDigita responds:

I <3 u!!! ^.~