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2014-09-10 03:15:48 by AndreaDigita


You boys and gals should totally check THIS out!

It's my good friend's (and collaborator) new album "CAN" and it's super amazing!!! :) Please show him some <3 and support so that he can continue making TONS of incredible music like this!!

And who knows, maybe we'll surprise you with another AWESOME COLLAB  ^.~




I am back!! And feeling REBORN!

Did you miss me?? ^.~

@ndrea <3<3<3

I hope you like it ^.~

Much <3 NG!



2009-11-22 22:20:27 by AndreaDigita

YAY!!! My song "More And More" is finally finished! :D

What are you waiting for? Click the linky already ^,~

Much love <3<3<3



2009-09-15 21:11:17 by AndreaDigita

Hello again everybody!

I know everyone one has been concerned about me, but I just want to tell you all I'm okay, I recovered my account a few months ago thanks to a friend of mine that knows about hacking and stuff and we managed to hack the hacker!

Now, the reason I haven't been active on newgrounds is not because the hacker tried to murder me or anything like it XD He's just some kid with a sad life so don't be mad at him ^.^ The real reason is that I was changing my computer, not because the guy infected my old PC with a lethal virus (that's what Ive heard lol) but simply because I needed to change it already! And you know it took me a really long time to set everything back up, buy a new computer, reinstall all my software, I got a job now, school and blablabla... You know, all the things you don't want to listen too, but the important thing here, is that Im back and ready to make more music!

I will shortly start submitting new songs again so stay tuned newgrounders! ^.~



2008-11-05 17:48:25 by AndreaDigita


Okay so think its time to make a new post :P

My previews post almost had 100 comments lool XD

Okay so first of all I want to thank from the deep of my heart all of my friends, fans, voters, reviewers and artists that have supported me soooooo much <3 I LOVE YOU ALL
Seriously, I cant believe I already have more than a hundred users that have added me as their favorite artist, its a huge honor to let me be part of your lives ^^

Thank you for listening to my music! :D

So on another note, I decided to type my user name on YouTube yesterday, just for fun, and I found many cool videos featuring my music! So I decided to play the best videos here to thank this people for helping me spread my name, so here they are, give them some love ;D

Enjoy P:

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I <3 Newgrounds AP!

2008-10-12 15:00:15 by AndreaDigita

Hello! My name is Andrea and Ive been a fan of the Newgrounds audio portal since 2005 and finally I decided to make an account, I will be submitting some of my music here too, Ive always loved techno and video game music of the audio portal so my music is very influensed by it specially by Dimrain47, cornandbeans, NemesisTheory and dj-Nate. But Ive heard many other good artists like ParagonX9, Bounc3, F-777, Psybot and well many many other artists that I love and I hope I can make music like them one day ^^,

I started making simple tracks using Reason 2 but it was really hard so I tried out the Fruity Loops Studio which has been great so I decided to bought it! ^^ Im also experienced in piano (keyboards), violin and guitar! ^.~

So.....I hope we can get along well and stay tune to listen to some of my comming stuff!